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VTECH, formerly known VIET TECHNOLOGY INVESTMENT DEVELOPMENT JONT-STOCK COMPANY, the company specializes in distributing and installing Security Camera systems, Alarm systems, Access control, Lightning systems, Fire alarm systems, Air conditioning and Ventilation systems,  PABX systems, devices and security solutions other audiovisual. In 2012, it was restructured and converted into  VIET VIET TECHNOLOGY INVESTMENT DEVELOPMENT LIMITED COMPANY, abbreviation of name is VTECH CO., LTD.

 Trading Address: No.74, Road No.7, An Phu Ward, District 2, HCM City.
Showroom: 938 Nguyen Trai, Ward 14, Distric 5, HCM City
Phone: 08 38 380 380/08 62 871 521     Fax: 08 62 871 22
Website: www.vtech.vn                  Email: info@vtech.vn

Starting from the early 2000s, VTECH only provide equipment and solutions of telecommunication technology. To meet the needs of the increasing development of society, VTECH has become the companion of many businesses in many different fields. With high efforts, VTECH has become agents of 10 manufacturers in the world, distributing more than 1,000 technology products to the domestic market. Current distribution channels includes 200 large and small agent, such as Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City .... is a partner of Elipus, Pravis, Indigo, ICantek, Navien, Samsung, Panasonic, Diviotek, AV-Gad, Siemens, Sony, Honeywell, ...

Besides, we also focused on investing in the search operation, development, consulting security solutions and installation of security systems for for the construction work, offices, commercial centers, shops, factories, households ...



With R&D team has knowledgeable expertise, VTECH has will be favorable to maximize effective research and provide safety and security solutions, be suitable for the needs of specific customers.

With the goal of "Optimal solution - Competing on price - Perfect service” , We not only meet your demand but also improve our competitiveness in product quality as well as our solutions and services. With a team of experienced technicians, VTECH is proud to have been providing our services which are supported and entrusted by you during the past years. Your trust is what motivates us to improve ourselves and we believe that we are capable of providing you with better and better services. So, you can find us everywhere with the motto:

“Anywhere, anytime, anything to satisfy you”.


VTECH - 10 years of development in the field of providing solutions and device security, information technology. The specific areas that we have been to in the current flavor as well as in the future, including consultancy, design, supply and installation of the following systems:
Ø  Telecommunications
Ø  CCTV Camera
Ø  Intrusion & Fire Alarm, Extinguish Fire
Ø  Electronic Security System
Ø  BMS and Smart Home System
Ø  Total Solution For M&E

In the distribution, VTECH focuses promoting the following products:
Ø  CCTV Camera
Ø  Digital Video Recorder
Ø  Video Doorphone
Ø  Fire Alarm Equipment,
Ø  Sensors for Sound, Light, Vibration

In the security solutions, VTECH ensure the best quality for customers on solutions:
Ø  Camera for home, office, factory
Ø  Camera for stores and banks
Ø  Camera for working in traffic
Ø  Camera for hazardous areas and unstable environments or areas that need professional supervision
Ø  And some other security solutions

With strong cooperation from major partners such as: Elipus, DivioTek, Navien, Argus, VISONIC, AvGad and some others like Pravis, IcanTek, Siemens, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony .... VTECH will give customers the optimal security solution with reasonable price and the best quality service.

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