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IP Panasonic KX-NS1000
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IP Panasonic KX-NS1000

IP Panasonic PABX, Model KX-NS1000

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The warranty : 15 tháng
Place to sell : N/A

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IP Panasonic PABX, Model KX-NS1000

a. Built-in,
- 2 lines at the post office and two analog extensions
- 2 channels DISA and voicemail
- Fax server, which allows receiving faxes from anywhere, and allows transfer faxes via email,
- 30 IP License SIP phone and 8 License  Panasonic IP phones


b. Allow expansion
* Input communicate:
- Built-in 2-way conventional analog
- Siptrunk: IP number over fiber optic cables from the supplier to the operator, currently, the first deployment is FPT with beginning number 730xxxxx ... (Buy license)


- Transmission line E1-ISDN: transmission line with 30 channels of simultaneous voice (Buy interface card)* Communication extensions: 
- Built-in 2 analog extensions,
- 640 License SIP IP phone ( Free 30 license under PBX), the remaininghave to purchase to upgrade (license no need to purchase hardware card) allow the use of any IP telephone on the market with this license, in which allows extended  255 Panasonic SIP IP wireless extensions 
- 256 Panasonic IP Phones (Free 8 license under PBX), the remaining have to purchase upgrade (license no need to buy hardware card) but have to buy the Panasonic digital telephones
- 64 Panasonic wireless stations  DECT or SIP standard 
- 512 extensions with DECT standard  or SIP wireless 
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