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NVR HHPE32C16041
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NVR HHPE32C16041

Đầu ghi hình 32 kênh dành cho Camera IP hiệu honeywell, Model HHPE32C16041

Manufacturer : HONEYWELL
Promotion :
The warranty : 12tháng
Place to sell : Toàn Quốc

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Đầu ghi hình 32 kênh dành cho Camera IP hiệu honeywell, Model HHPE32C16041
Image compressions supported MPEG-4, H.264
Supported Honeywell IP cameras and encoders Supports Performance Series IP, EQUIP® Series, IP PTZ cameras including high definition.
Analog PTZ Protocols Support MAXPRO, VCL, Pelco P, Pelco D, GE/Kalatel
Maximum number of desktop client connections 18 per unit from 9 remote workstations
Search types Time/date timeline, time jump FWD/REV, bookmarks, calendar, preview, film strip and event search
Recording and Monitoring Performance:
16 analog with 480 fps @ CIF NTSC (400 fps @ CIF PAL)
or 120 fps @ 4CIF NTSC (100 fps @ 4CIF PAL) and 16 IP with 320 fps @ 1080p HD;
OR all 32 IP with 960 fps @ 720p HD or 640 fps @ 1080p HD. 1-way audio for up to 32 IP channels.
Network bandwidth/throughput – Incoming: 120 Mbps, Outgoing: 120 Mbps, Total: 240 Mbps
Max Video Streams Support Web Client: Total Streams Limit – 32 (live + playback). Note: Live streams consumed

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