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Customer Support
Sales Support:
Liên hệ qua Skype với Ms. Kiều
Ms. Kiều 0946 295 487
Liên hệ qua Skype với Mr. Hiep
Mr. Hiệp 093 740 7777

Technical Support :
Liên hệ qua Skype với Mr. Liêm
Hotline: (08) 38 380 380


Customers can choose the form of Payment in cash at the company or transfer through account under account number: 1491100205006 at the Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank. – So Giao Dich 2
Form of Payments:
- Advances 50% of the total value for orders are not yet available.
- Pay immediately 100% of the total value for orders is available in stock or under contractual conditions (if any).
- In case of construction and installation: In according with contract terms signed with customers.
Customers note: Currently, VTECH IDC accepts direct payment at our company’s office or transfer through our bank as under information, do not accept direct payment accounts available through website intermediaries, and so to avoid an individual or other  organization impersonate VTECH IDC website to scam your money appropriated.
Delivery and installation.
After having confirmed orders or contracts from customers, VTECH IDC will conduct confirmed delivery time to customers by phone or email so customers can allocate personnel to inspect and receive groin.
- Shipping address:
+ For orders below 10 million: Delivery in warehouse of VTECH IDC at No. 74, Road No. 7, Quarter 5, An Phu Ward, District 2.
+ For orders of 10 million or more: Free shipping in the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh.
+ Support for transport to shipping addresses  for shipping to the provincial of dealers.
+ For goods with the contract signed, installed at the works: under the provisions of the contract.
- Technical assistance in construction consulting, installation, operating system settings.
- Conducting handover, full manual systems to customers (if installed directly VTECH IDC).
Any questions, please call on:
                          Viet Technology Investment Development Limited Company
                          No. 74, Road No. 7, An Phu Ward, District 2, HCMC
                          Phone: (08) 38.380.380 / (08) 62.871.521
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