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Fiber optic access (DAC)

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- Standard optical fiber: ITU-T G.652D, G655
- From 2-12 SMF fiber optics
- Optical fibers are loose and move freely within the buffer tube. Loose buffer protect  tube fiber optic from mechanical damage.
- The space between the fiber and the inner surface of the tube is filled with a special compound against water penetration.
- Optical fiber using in cable is continuous, with no welds, limiting signal loss.
- Two steel along of fiber optic cable protect from tensile strength during the installation, operation and maintenance.
- Cables shell are designed with completely dry material, so small diameter cable, compact and lightweight, easy installation, handling and transport.
- HDPE plastic cable shell prevent rodents, which are designed to protect the mechanical action of the environment and the installation. Suitable for installation in pipes, using a local network, subscriber networks, information systems.
- The cable parameters meet on the TCN 68-160: 1996 and IEC, EIA standard.
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